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Pedagogies alone cannot create global citizens. A broad based educational experience with an international approach is therefore mandatory. Studying abroad at a quality educational institution in a multi-cultural environment provides the right blend. It combines academic excellence with diverse awareness, and opens doors of the mind, giving birth to an all pervasive personality. Broadening the outlook of the future leaders, through a qualitative educational experience, further strengthens their ability to think, to react and, to act on a comprehensive basis. A qualitative education is, therefore, a critical means for developing a comprehensive knowledge base, and the skills set required for creating a new generation of cosmopolitan / global populace.

At Guleria & Guleria consultants, we strive to help students explore their sea of potential - resting within them, and take up quality educational options that will help them realize their dreams. Our aim, therefore, is to help students achieve their best, professionally and personally and thus help them to make their dreams come true. And we do this through a systematic work system, and of course with the help from a well qualified and dedicated team of professionals committed to this cause. The key point of our services is that we are completely personalized. We understand individual needs and assist each student accordingly. Our approach is completely client centric.

Our goal is to continually keep building a single brand that caters to various forms of education & Immigrations and provide the Indian market with a unique learning and educational experience.

Our Mission is also to create our niche in the arena of International Education & immigration field. We endeavor to strengthen the bridge between Foreign Universities and the Indian students / professionals, as well as, to be able to provide them with various opportunities, to explore both global and Indian business markets and have a unique learning / working experience in the global platform.

Guleria & Guleria’ winning team of well educated and experienced professionals is fully focused in providing both knowledge and expertise towards ensuring that its students successfully obtain an all pervasive education & work opportunities abroad anywhere in the world and bring back home fully matured & cosmopolitan personality with zeal and competitive edge in the India of 21st century.

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